A Waiting Game

Hello all, and boy has it been a while! I scheduled an appointment with my guidance counselor as soon as school started, and applying to study abroad in Germany was a go! I apologize for never explaining what CBYX was, it is a joint funded program that allows for 250 high school students to travel to Germany on a fully funded scholarship for one year and 250 German high school students to do the same in the United States. It is funded by the United States Congress and German Bundestag, so while studying abroad, you are a youth ambassador representing your country. The application came out in early October, and I submitted it in early December. Soon after, the full application (much easier) came out and we were notified about the much dreaded INTERVIEW (cue the dramatic music). Now, I have been putting off this post even though the interview was more than two weeks ago…but thinking about it still makes me nervous! I really hope I get in and it would be slightly awkward if I didn’t, but if I do I definitely want to have this post to look back on!

So, the interview…about that…it was a complete roller coaster. When I arrived, I could not find the group and after five minutes of frantic searching it was 8:58 and I had to be there no later than 9 and I was freaking out. Finally my prayers were answered when I noticed a group around a table with CBYX papers in the middle, thank goodness for my glasses! There were people who were former CBYXers and they were all sooooooo great. Originally, I wanted to get my interview over with first, but when they asked for someone to come, another boy stepped up. When he came out he looked so scared and I was not willing to go next. There were eight people there and I believe I went fifth and it was so easy to think everything over beforehand but nothing prepared me for walking into that room. My heart pumped a million miles an hour and I totally gave some really bad answers and while I won’t divulge the exact questions, I will say that they are questions specific to you and you know the truth and while somethings I said were probably not the best answers, they were the truth. Even though I only spoke to them for short while, I can say all of the interviewers were very very nice. Then there was a group activity/interview where I definitely did not give great answers but I tried to participate the best I could. While we waited the CBYXers answered any questions and told amazing stories about their time abroad. Now its a waiting game and I feel like everyday I get more and more anxious. I wish much luck to any current and future applicants and I know this post was very vague so if you have any specific questions feel free to ask in the comments.

Thank you so much and please press your thumbs for me!



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