CBYX update

So I’m sorry I’ve dragged this out a really long time but … I got in!!! I know I didn’t think it would happen either. On March 23 I got an email at 11 PM saying I got in, although I didn’t read it until the next morning. It felt so surreal and I remember looking up all different sorts of CBYX blogs wondering what to do next, and if any of you are/were wondering the same thing, the answer is: nothing. It is still a lot of waiting, but it’s much better knowing that I’ve been accepted. From here on out it seems like its just conference calls, orientations, and packing until August 9th when we meet in DC and then the 11th when we’re off to Germany! The strangest thing is that Germany feels so far away, but August seems so soon.

So you’re probably like why in the world did this girl not post for two months, especially since she got in?! Well it’s really because I didn’t trust I would be going, it felt too unreal. Please comment if you relate!! I felt almost positive that I would fail the medical review or not get approved by the PPP (the German counterpart), and that could still happen, but this weekend was the pre-departure orientation, and that made everything feel real. It was crazy to sit in a room with people going all over the world and after meeting the other scholarship winners it became so real, I am actually leaving for Germany in 80 days! The pre-departure orientation was just a full day thing with presentations (but don’t worry, they’re very informative – you won’t fall asleep) and returnees. The advice from both returnees and host families is really helpful!

A message to future applicants: I will definitely do a post with application tips in the future but just in case I don’t my number one recommendation would be get people’s numbers at the interview! I initially walked out to my car, but I had forgotten my purse so I walked back in and ended up talking with two other girls. Not only was it super comforting in that moment to realize we all felt like we weren’t getting in but then we stayed in contact and having people to relate to while waiting what feels like years makes it a little bit easier. Plus, its nice to know when people start hearing back. Best of all, if one of them get in (which happened to me) there’s someone to talk to and get to know a little bit (a possibly meet up with) before departure.

Lastly, congratulations to all of the other recipients and future recipients of the CBYX scholarship and good luck to those of you applying.

Thanks for reading this wicked long post,





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